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Want Buy Apple MacBook Pro? First Check out the Retina Problems!

16-Aug-2012 by Nicole Young

Yesterday you may read about Macbook Pro retina SSD update. Its cool. But don’t forget about one thing. many sources claim about Macbook Pro retina problems. What are they? Check out information below.

Two weeks after Apple revealed its MacBook Pro with Retina display, earlier adopters are confirming image opposition difficulties with the new laptop computer. The issue requires the outline of an image that is still on screen after the program has been closed. Many users noticed Macbook Pro retina problems after computer had gone to sleep, but: when returning to the login screen, noticed what seemed to a very faint blurry primarily noticeable on darker backgrounds. Such claims you may read on the Apple forums.


Another user replied that he took his completely new MacBook Pro to Apple’s Genius Bar, where a staff member ordered him a new MacBook “due to the burn-in.”
Apple didn’t instantly react to a ask for comment. Soon after Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro, ship dates ended up to 2-4 weeks. The Retina display model is now listed as in stock. The company’s 14-day return guarantee could prove useful for some new MacBook Pro buyers, who are able to simply ship the equipment returning to Apple or bring it to the U.S. Apple Store for a 100 % refund.

Also, the one-year limited warranty comes with 90 days of free of charge phone tech support. Customers should hope that image preservation is their MacBook Pro’s only problem, since Apple bumped its battery-replacement cost up to $199, 54 percent greater than former MacBook fix fees.

So what do you think about Macbook Pro retina problems? Will you try to buy this computer? Share your thoughts in comments below or register on our forum.

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