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Basil-A Smart Recipe Book For iPad

22-Mar-2012 by Miss Hello Kitty

Basil-A Smart Recipe Book For iPad, developed by Kyle Baxter, is an excellent application for those who like cooking.

It is not a surprise for us that iPad is a really good thing to have in the kitchen for searching for recipes, if you can keep it clean and safe. Basil is another cooking iPad app that will certainly make cooking much more of a joy.

The interface of this cooking iPad app is clean and also very simple, which is probably the best thing, if you don’t want to deal with an awkward interface when preparing food. Basil-A Smart Recipe Book app is very easy to understand how to use it. What’s even better, this cooking app seems to be improved for the Retina display of the new iPad 3.

Basil cookig ipad app

With Basil-A Smart Recipe Book, you’ll find several recipes already in the application by default. You can keep them, or just remove them if you want. It is possible to add your own recipes to this cooking iPad app, or you can even use the in-app browser in order to look for recipes. Basil supports one-touch saving of tasty recipes from several main big-name recipe websites, like Food Network, Serious Eats, Epicurious, and Bon Appetit.

You can find a total of 10 supported internet sites, and it is likely that you use them already. Otherwise, this cooking iPad app comes with a bookmarklet that you can install into mobile Safari, that allows you to send excellent recipes from Safari into Basil. Quite useful, right?

Basil-A Smart Recipe Book ipad 3 app

Just about any recipe that is added into Basil cooking iPad app can be favorited, edited, or even deleted. It’s also possible to share your favorite recipe by email or Twitter. But there is a little bug with emailing – it seems that directions will appear out of order. We hope the creator of this amazing cooking iPad app can fix this minor problem soon.

Probably the most useful feature of Basil that separates it from the rest cooking iPad apps is the implementation of smart timers. If the recipe has any time-based directions, simply tap on that step and a timer will appear with that time frame ready to go. This is extremely useful to have, and reduces the need for another application only for timers.

In general, Basil-A Smart Recipe Book for iPad is a wonderful cooking app which is available in the App Dtore for $3.99.

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