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Best iPad and iPhone Accessories in 2010

24-Dec-2010 by Ndrey Rivers

2010 can be considered the best year for Apple when iPad and iPhone have gained momentum attention and dominated in their respective markets.

Along with the popularity of both iDevices, companies have released thousands of accessories for both iPad and iPhone.

To make things easier for you, we have listed the Best iPad and iPhone Accessories in 2010. This will help you also to evaluate if you have accessories that you really need, and either what you already have can be considered the best iPad accessories in 2010.

1. Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

This best accessory in 2010 will help you to lessen the inferiority of the iPad when it comes to loading images on the device. The iPad Camera Connection Kit will let the user load images on their iPad. The kit will solve the problems brought by the absence of USB port in the iPad.

You can purchase the iPad Camera Connection Kit for $29.00.


2. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

This Apple Bluetooth Keyboard will work with your iPad and other Apple gadgets like Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch. This and Apple’s iPad case can work as a perfect team for your device.

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad will make typing on your iDevice easier knowing that you can bring the keyboard without having to deal with wire connections on your device.  It will also save space since the keyboard is slim and has a compact design.


3. Apple iPad VGA Connector

Office presentation will never be this great since you can now connect your iPad to the projector with the Apple iPad VGA Connector. You can share slideshows and movies for your iPad with the connection made possible by this accessory.

Apple iPad VGA Connector also works with iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation), monitor, projector, or LCD display that uses a VGA connector.


4. Pogo Stylus

This cool stylus for iPad is designed for all touch screen Apple devices. The Pogo Stylus works best compared to other styluses available in the market today.

It will save your fingers from frostbite since you don’t need to expose your fingers as you use in on your iPad. Pogo Stylus will do it for you.


5. Ballistic HC case for iPhone 4

This feminine, pink iPhone 4 case works opposite its appearance. It my have a chick look, but it provides a manly protection to your device. It will protect your iPhone 4 with its four-layer casing.

This is the perfect case if you want to hide your device from harm. Those who hate the color pink can also opt for the black version.


6. Jawbone Icon Rogue

This headset is the proof that size does not matter as it brings big sound change inside its small appearance. It has a noise-cancellation feature and amber-hued highlights that brings an extraordinary sound quality. It can be easily managed with its easy power switch and several fit options.

If you have spare money for the holidays, you can buy the Jawbone Icon Rogue for $9.99.


7. Just Mobile Gum Plus

If you can’t live your iPhone alone: check on e-mails, log into Facebook or Twitter and its battery can’t cope up with your activities, you need a battery back-up.

Mobile’s Gum Plus will extend the life of your iPhone when you’re away from home. It can give your iPhone two full charges. Mobile Gum Plus is something you should bring wherever you are.


8. Just Mobile UpStand for iPad

Among other iPad stands, the Mobile UpStand for the iPad is the best accessory in 2010.

It can perfectly hold your iPad vertically or horizontally, while leaving the buttons of your iPad accessible (switches, buttons, and ports that include the docking connector. If the security of your iPad is what you’re after, there’s no need to worry since the UpStand is perfectly created from high-grade aluminum material.

Its regular price is $49.99, but it’s currently on sale on Amazon for $36.83.


9. Vers 1.5R Clock Radio

This clock dock is the hottest when it comes to the features. This brings the best sound compared to other clock radio docks.

It has a 15W speaker and rear-facing bass-port that ensures the delivery of a perfect sound. 1.5R is perfect when you listen to music in your room with your head on your pillow. You can also connect it with your iPod or iPhone and feel the difference of the sound delivered through the auxiliary 3.5 mm input jack.

1.5R clock radio maybe the best, but it’s definitely the priciest. It’s currently available on Amazon for $219.00 with free shipping.


10. AR Drone Parrot

If you think playing is just for kids, the AR Drone Parrot will definitely alter your perception. I consider this the most amazing and the classiest toy you can control with your iPad, iPod, and iPod touch.

It has a vertical camera, front camera, an ultrasound altimeter and high-tech sensors that make piloting easy. If you love gaming, you can use the AR Drone video games like AR FlyingAce.


It’s available on Amazon for $299.99.

There you have our best iPad and iPhone accessories in 2010.

Merry Christmas!

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