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Best Romance iBooks of the Week. Part 2

28-Dec-2010 by Angela Topchu

Romance iBooks are very popular among the readers of all ages from all the countries across the Globe.

Some of us miss our loved ones, some hope to meet them one day and some are happy to be with them every single day.

The iPads House writing team continues with its list of the best romance iBooks of the week. We hope all our readers will find here something that will make their hearts beat faster.

All the best romance iBooks were chosen to be proposed to you because of the thrilling plots and love which stands out. By the way, these iBooks are free, and you can easily download them via iBookstore.

1. More by Heidi Marshall: Kate Henry lives a quiet life in North Carolina; she manages her bookstore, meets with friends and plays with their children.

Kate doesn’t have a boyfriend so her dream about family life is unlikely to become true. Still, the young girl believes that one day she will meet a precious soul who will love her with all her oddities.

Well, sometimes I speak with inanimate objects too but calling a pillow Mr. Darcy never occurred to me. Ian and Ben have been by her side for some time but no one knows if something will become of it. Meanwhile Kate faces daily difficulties with usual humor and hope.

This will be a light but very interesting read, so hurry up and download this freeromance iBook right away.

More by Heidi Marshall

2. Needing Nita by Norah Wilson: Some mistakes make us happy in the end, some don’t and you can’t predict what kind of a mistake this one will be. Craig Walker is a cop and he dreams of Nita but the girl dates other guys, not cops.

One day a doctor tells her that she has a brain tumor, which is pretty much the same like the one her father died from and Nita makes up her mind to have sex with Craig before she might lose control of her body.

The man and the woman start a strange and hot affair and seem to like it while the doctor comes to understand that he made a mistake and Nita is not going to die. But to resolve the issue one needs courage.

Is she courageous enough? Find this out after reading this free romance iBook of the week.

Needing Nita by Norah Wilson

3. The Keeping by Nicky Charles: Of course we couldn’t but include a book for iPad touching upon the theme of werewolves in our list.

Ryne Taylor is the one, and he is so breathtakingly inviting. Melody Green is a journalist and one day she discloses Ryne’s secret.

The werewolf who is a photographer in his human life doesn’t know if the game is worth the deal  his pack is at stake and he needs to behave himself in order not to violate the ancient law known as the Keeping. The main characters are somewhat slow at first but then the passion changes their worlds.

It is really a very good free iBook but I reckon I’m going to be allergic to werewolves after two or three more.

The Keeping by Nicky Charles

4. The Mating by Nicky Charles: It is always so hard to sacrifice your feelings and your life just because it is politics and people of such a high position do not have any choice.

Nothing could have made Elise imagine that she was to be mated to a total stranger on this very day just after she came from work. Alliances between packs make Alphas reach decisions that might seem odd at first sight and nobody knows if even these radical decisions will turn out to be of any help. They never loved each other but they are mated and tomorrow will be a long day.

The Mating should be read before the Keeping which is #3 on our list.

The Mating by Nicky Charles

5. The Charmer by Autumn Dawn: Jasmine thinks her friend Wiley is ordinary as she has been lucky to know Wiley for quite a while but one day both of them are taken into a different world, a world of werewolves!

As you might have already guessed Wiley is also the one among the packs. Jasmine is at a loss, she can’t find a way back home which means she needs to find a werewolf. For herself. And live on.

The tension and despair along with passionate longings will make you dive into the world described in this free book for iPad and be there till the very last page to come back breathless and lost for words.

We hope that you enjoy this second collection of free and best romance iBooks of the week. Feel free to comment on the books for iPad you would like us to review in the future.

The Charmer by Autumn Dawn

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