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Color Bandits iPad Game Review

26-Jul-2011 by Miss Hello Kitty

Color Bandits, designed by Chillingo Ltd, is an exciting, fast-paced action shooter game, which is available for iPad and iPhone. But if you want to buy it for your iPad, you will have to pay $1more.

The main character in Color Bandits is a crazy and angry cat, which has lots of colorful but deadly weapons. You main goal in the game is to get back all the color, that the evil steam punk boss has taken from your home. But remember, you will shoot a lot.

Color Bandits game review

Color Bandits iPad game is very easy to control. You can operate the sliding bar on the left to go backwards and forwards over the screen, while holding your finger on the shooting button on the right side. Aiming is completed by sliding your finger in a round motion on the button, in the direction you want to shoot in.

It is really simple to shoot at the incoming ships and rockets, but you also have to avoid the bombs, that the ships drop. In order to avoid them, you just need to slide backwards and forwards. If the rocket or bomb hit the cat, he will lose a good piece of his life bar, and the game will be over, if the life bar is empty. Once the game ended, you need to restart from the nearest checkpoint, that are activated at numerous points during the whole game.

Color Bandits game review

If the crazy cat hit the enemies in quick succession, he will get combo points, but if he fails to shoot quickly, he will lose the combo bonus. Color Bandits shooter game also offers a lot of power-ups, which you can collect or shoot down. This will keep things interesting.

Color Bandits iPad game comes with 6 different levels, like a town and a forest, which will be unlocked in succession. But there is also a survival mode, which will be able to play after you finished all other levels.

In general, Color Bandits is simply amazing shooting game, which is definitely worth the $0.99.

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