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First Really Useful Siri Guide for iPhone

13-Jan-2012 by summer

We feel a need to write this helpful Siri guide for the iPhone and future iPad. The thing Apple does very well is tells you that a feature is present on iPad or iPhone but without informing you how to use it. So I thought I would make a Siri guide to help you along.  There are many similar articles on the web but we choose the most useful info and make this simple guide for you.

The settings for iPhone or iPad Siri are available in Settings > General > Siri. You need to use Siri by holding down the main button or putting the iPhone up to your ear. You will see a chime to show you when you are able to speak and a chime when it’s done listening. You don’t need to phrase all you do beginning with “Siri”, just get to the question and request. Make sure to speak at a normal speed or enunciate.


First in our guide are events and mettings.

Meetings – Siri can set up events and meetings with anyone in your contacts this way “Set up a meeting with Sara on Friday at 4:00pm.” Siri will tell you what she heard and request you to confirm, it’s very simple. You may also ask it to change or cancel conference or meeting.

Let’s see what else offers our Siri guide.


Alarms & Reminders – Alarms are truly easy, you can ask Siri to set an alarm for 6:00am and she will. With iOS 5 your iDevice is now tracking where you are, this is definitely for reminders. How to do this? Our guide will tell you. Ask Siri to remind you to do something once you get somewhere like “remind me to check the email when I get work.” Your iPhone will discover when you get workplace and then you will see your reminder.

Next in our Siri guide is Random.

Random – Ask Siri what the traffic is like, what the weather conditions are, find very good Chinese food in Colorado Springs, anything statistical, everything from Wikipedia and many other. It is possible to ask Siri what you can ask or you can just try asking to see if that works.


Fun Stuff one more is one more point of our Siri guide.  She has a sense of humor so try requesting it what the meaning of life is, if you look attractive, what Siri’s favorite color is, if she will marry you, where you can hide a body. There are really some funny things they have designed into Siri Funny Questions so don’t be worried to ask her!

Maybe our Siri guide is too short for you.  But you can follow iPadshouse to know more about Siri guide on future iPad and iPhone in our future articles!

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