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Flight Control HD

13-Jul-2011 by summer

The fabulous and mind blogging game, Flight Control HD iPad game has got many award and best ratings for its mind blowing features. The overall rating it got was 4.5 out of 5 bars since the game is liked by an array of tablet iPad game lovers. Once you sign into the game, you will become the air traffic controller at airport which is incredibly hectic with augmenting traffic of flights.

Your task in Flight Control HD  iPad game is to tow the aircraft to its landing place by touching, which might sound a bit of easy task for you. But you need to be strategically strong enough to bring back the controlled and confusion-free atmosphere of iPad game from the cacophonic and pandemonium situation.

Flight Control game

The application has been remodeled to be fit for the iPad, with the substance of iPhone and additional features like novel maps and novel diagrammatic graphs to enjoy your play on tablet PC. It is very simple to start this iPad game but unfeasible to stop playing the game as you are highly fascinated by Flight Control HD iPad game. Witness yourself by getting it now into your iPad to see what others are enthusiastic about.


The creative game of Flight Control HD iPad game won the award of Apple Design for its extraordinary employment of multi tap and fantastic thought to feature in addition to Pocketgamer Gold Award and several full ratings from different organizations and critics for its interesting design and characteristics of the application.

So far, across the world, 3,000,000 prints have been sold as the game unconditionally loved by millions of iPhone users. Online leader boards, online game hub to facilitate the multiplayer play, and many more are the new iPad game features added to the application to be more comprehensive and flexible for the gamers. Simply Flight Control HD is a must try iPad game.

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