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Free File Access Business Apps for iPad

12-Apr-2011 by Angela Topchu

We have talked about games a lot but though we still consider them to be among the most sought-after titles in iTunes store there are lots of useful apps for iPad that will be extremely popular with its audience.

Good free file access business apps are not that rare and impossible to find as some of you might think.

The iPads House writing team has created this list for you to finally check out what applications and how many of the following titles will find their place on your iPad.


1. Dropbox: There will never be any awkward situation when one needs some files right away but there is no chance to sync your computers. Dropbox is a perfect solution for cases like that and you will hardly ever regret it. The thing is that this free file access business app lets you do lots of other things as well, for instance, watching photos, documents, videos on the run; you can save the photos you took with your iPad camera right to this app. Feel free to share any files or export them to other iDevices. Favorites can be viewed offline by the way.

2. Anything you could think of doing with your files you can do with Any types of files can be easily viewed on the go. One can share them, save them and much more. Leave your feedback to any of the files for other users who can view them to know this important information. Your inbox account will show its activity, namely, who uploaded and downloaded files, left a feedback or updated something. Still you will have a password to protect your information from unwanted users.


3. iCMS: Once you have become a licensed user of iCMS you will be able to access Content Management Systems EMC Documentum from your tablet in the most secure way. Functional and user-friendly this application will never cause a slightest sigh on your part. Responsive browsing is just a part of its numerous advantages. Audio and video streaming support will add to the overall impression produced by iCMS. The productivity of content teams can be improved thanks to this wonderful file access business app for iPad available for free.

Moprise SharePoint Documents for iPad

4. Moprise: SharePoint Documents for iPad: Your SharePOint documents will now have the tool to be accessed, edited and shares on the run. This app is an elegant solution to it which will enchant you by its functionality. Feel free to compile lists of favourites (available to be read offline), browse pictures and documents, view and share them with your colleagues. Keep it in mind that to find something special you need to try it in the first place.

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