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Grip Sense, Innovative Case for iPad

27-Jul-2012 by aligorelova

There are so many iPad cases in the market nowadays, and they all promise an awesome scratch protection for the device display. However, how many accessories are there to provide drop-resistance protection? Not so many.

The new Grip Sense case for iPad is an innovative product that should protect your gadget from drops. It has been recently presented on Kickstarter, and you can now learn more about it. Will this project live? We don’t know yet. It depends on how many people would pledge money to support it.

Grip Sense iPad Case Idea

iPad Case Consumers

Who might like to get Grip Sense case for iPad? According to the project developers, this accessory is good for parents with children, school and college students and people who live active lifestyle and wish to use their tablet computer extensively, not being afraid of unexpected drops that might break it.

Since the iPad weighs more than the iPhone, it can be easily damaged if you drop it. The repair will be expensive, or you might even have to get a new tablet to replace the broken one. Trying to prevent such life situations, developers made their mind about creating the Grip Sense iPad case with excellent drop protection.

Grip Sense Case for iPad Design

Accessory Design

The Grip Sense design is simple. It has ergonomic grip covering the gadget’s sides. This contoured grip is extended below and above your iPad and this is what protects it from falls of up to 5 feet and bumps.

The front of your device is not obscured. This is what makes this accessory unique and one of its kind. Developers state that their product is nice to handle. Besides, it is made in various colors so that many consumers could find what suits them the best.

So far this project has raised little over $1,000 and their goal is to raise at least $10,000. You can help it to become real and the Grip Sense to cost $29 in the future by pledging your support on Kickstarter.

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