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iCloud Advantages and Disadvantages [Review]

16-Apr-2012 by Rachel Green

Though it is hard to believe, that iCloud is already available for every Apple user, there still remains the feeling, that it was launched not so long ago. I hope all of you know what is iCloud and what it is eaten with. iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple. This service allows users to store data such as music files on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices such as iOS-based ones or OS X.


We cannot call iCloud a perfect service… because it is not…or it wasn’t. But we shouldn’t say that iCloud has only cons. It is not. Of course there are a lot of pros. And now we want to present you a little conversation of the iCloud developers with Macstories. The developers are asking how the transition to the iCloud Age has gone for them. So, let’s consider their dialogue.


Talking about Smile founder Philip Goward, his opinion on iCloud’s service is, that users consider it to be very useful. People can share data across their devices and it make their work with iGadgets much more easier. He also adds, “It’s a significant advantage to the user that PDFpen offers this seamless editing experience across both Mac and iPad”. PDFpen was one of the first PDF readers for iOS, which uses iCloud to share documents back to Mac. Later iCloud included the option, which allowed to share documents which were stored directly in the iCloud.

To summarize everything what have been said in this article, although iCloud has some drawbacks, which can harm your work, it has a lot of advantages opposed. This service will not be taken from our iOS. People leave their comments and reviews on App Store, concerning this service. People are just fond of it. So the only changes, which could happen with iCloud – new and useful additions.

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