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iMovie Studio Debutes On iPad and It's On Sale For Limited Time

18-Feb-2012 by Ndrey Rivers

iMovie will try its luck on the iPad, debuted with an introductory price of $4.99, but you should hurry since the price on iMovie for iPad is available for  limited time only.

Avid existed long before Apple released its first iPad in the market, and ruled the platform, but can the firm keep up with the high demands and expectation of the iTablet community members?


iMovie will give the iPad and iPad 2 users the magic to edit movies, photos, and tunes right from their own device. That includes trimming contents, creating motion with your own title and special effects, picture-in-picture presentation and many others. The question is, how one of the new iPad apps will work with the ever on demand Apple tablet.

According to Avid vice president, Tanguy Leborgne, “More and more users are relying on mobile devices for media content creation, viewing and sharing, and we’re proud to deliver a feature-rich new app that takes powerful Avid technology and adapts it specifically for the iPad”. The VP is proud that the firm has finally released an app for the iTablet users to use when they want to create movies and slideshows on their Apple Tablet.


Since the app is still a newbie in the market I know that a lot are wondering about its performance. Unfortunately, I don’t own an iPad so I will leave that matter up to you. You can go ahead and get your piece of cake while the app is still on a discounted price.

Of course I won’t leave you empty-handed. I did research and gathered information about iMovie.  Picnicmetoo stated that,  “Luckily my plans are to buy iPad 3. In the meantime, with a 64GB WiFi iPad 1 with 40-percent free it crashes repeatedly and it would not render even the small size of a small test video. I suspect the iPad 1 is just not capable of dealing with the video. I did a soft reset but that did not help–its just not a good choice for iPad 1. What I was able to do with it in just a quick test looked good, easy, and I look forward to using it with my iPad 3.

I had to give it a one star based on not being able to use with Ipad 1 and not being warned in the specs. I imagine I will be able to give it a 4 or 5 star with the iPad 3.”


iMovie is said to be feeding on the mediocre memory of the original iPad the reason why it crashes in the middle of the performance.  I am wondering if this is also the case for the iPad 2 users, but let’s see things at the brighter side. The iPad 3 release is expected to be due next month which can be a good tool to exploit the wonders of iMovie.

Moreover, we can’t really expect a lot from an app that is still new for the platform. Hopefully Avid will do some fixings to make iMovie worth spending a couple of dollars from our wallet.


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3 Comments on "iMovie Studio Debutes On iPad and It's On Sale For Limited Time"

3 years 1 month ago

Wow, this is perhaps the worst article ever written. And that is a difficult award to win!

iMovie is an apple product that has been available for the iPad for well over a year.

Avid Studio is a completely different product and has been available for at least several weeks. If this is the app you are writing about, it’s funny that you are using screen shots from iMovie.

Is this a joke site or meant to be real?

3 years 1 month ago

And the author doesn’t even have an iPad

3 years 1 month ago

Imovie is Apple’s. And it’s been in the App store since last year. Maybe what you meant is Avid Studio. I think it’s weird for you to write something about ipad while you don’t have one…