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iPad 2 Might Replace Your Wallet

26-Jan-2011 by aligorelova

The second generation iPad that is supposed to be released this year should carry NFC technology. NFC stays for Near Frequency Communication.

What does this mean? This means that iPad 2 users will be able to use their tablet as a wallet replacement.

Reports state that Apple hired several NFC experts. So many Near Frequency Communication feature will be used in iPad 2 apps such as mobile money, mobile ticketing, etc.

The Wallet

Still, using the second generation iPad as a wallet might cause one big problem. Those users who are tired of ads bombardment will be unhappy to receive various advertisements and coupons.

At the same time, many original iPad owners use their tablet to make payments. They are ok with it and find such services comfortable.

We all see the huge success of the App Store and iTunes.

For now iPad users pay for applications, games, iBooks, music and movies. The next step will be ability to pay for groceries and dry cleaning. Why not? All these features require only a little addition to the iPad 2.

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