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iPad 3 Release: More New Features in Future Device

13-Feb-2012 by summer

We all know and read about hottest iPad 3 release date. All the latest news is talking about this event. When it will release? What will be iPad 3 features? And much more things that are interesting iPad community. We already posted iPad 3 rumours about its best  features list  and iPad 3 price and today introduce you a lot more about iPad 3 launch.

So what is the word on the street about the next iPad?


Will the iPad 3 really be called iPad 2S?

An iPad 3 case maker in China, Chinee, has begun to sell a protective cover for a device its calling ‘iPad 2S’. Case companies have a good reputation being on the money when it concerns pre-empting Apple’s devices plans, with last year’s iPhone 5-gate becoming an exclusion to the rule.

There isn’t any distress of in which the iPad 2S name gets from – following the way of the iPhone as we saw Apple announce the iPhone 4S last year. Based on several rumours the iPad 2S will sport exactly the same look as the 2, with a boost in internal gubbins but slightly more portly in depth.

The iPad 3 will usher in iOS 5.1

Together with the much expected iPad 3 release, Macotakara resources seem persuaded we’ll see iOS 5.1 release in March too. The iPad 3 may have a bigger battery life.

A covering really for the iPad 3 was posted online in February, with its size recommending we’re in for a rise in battery and graphics power in the new iPad 3. Some say the new covering seems to support a larger battery.

There might be an iPad 3 LTE version

Chronic rumours indicate LTE support will be deliver to the US. Ideal for the US, though it will leave the UK behind as there is no 4G connectivity as yet. thinks that the new iPad 3 features have a Qualcomm 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip.

The iPad 3 functions could have a Thunderbolt port

Two generations of USB-free iPads claim that Apple just isn’t considering adding one, but the new Thunderbolt port found in the 2011 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air could be another story: it’s a combined accessory/display connector with astonishingly fast performance.

There might be more than one iPad 3

TUAW says the iOS 5 code features new code files for USB devices in the iOS 5 firmware, Through this, TUAW found references to an iPad 3,1 and an iPad 3,2. Is this latter alternative the LTE version? Check out our site to know more about iPad 3 release and its features.

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