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iPad Cannot Be Stolen Any More?

27-Aug-2010 by Angela Topchu

Looks like the fears of those who think that the recently unveiled patent app that Apple intends to use on iPads and iPhone is made for detecting and disabling jailbroken iDevices are not backed up with anything. Yep, this patent app does mention the term jailbroken but it’s intended mainly to provide brand-new highly effective remote security protection.


Apple’s new app comes up with a list of truly unprecedented security features. From now on a stolen iDevice will be able to take a picture of the thief, record his or her voice and even detect the type of vehicle that the thief is using. The stolen device will send all the info about it to the proper authorities from a train, a plane, or a car.

Yes, the new patent app describes the ways of detecting jailbroken iPads and iPhones and lays out the methods that could potentially be used to restrict the functional capabilities of such devices but it doesn’t necessarily mean that these methods will be put to use. The fact that speaks against the conspiracy theory is the recent declaration of the legal status of jailbreaking from a DMCA perspective.

Well, let’s leave the conspiracy theory fans digging for the info about Apple’s plans and switch on to the things that the patent app will SURELY be used for. The patent app will be able to detect if the device has been lost or stolen, help to track the stolen/lost device down and ensure better protection of sensitive data stored on iPad or iPhone.

The patent app will improve the security levels in Apple’s devices greatly, which will probably lead to wider use of iPad and iPhone for business purposes. Here’s the brief outline of the positive features of the new application:

  • Detecting Unauthorized Use by comparing the user’s photo, voice or heartbeat pattern to those of the device’s owner.
  • Detecting Suspicious Activity. Here’s what can be regarded as suspicious activity: jailbreaking or hacking the device, taking the SIM card out of it, entering a wrong password a certain number of times or moving a certain distance away from a synced device.
  • Getting Data About the Unauthorized User. If there’s enough reason to suspect that one’s iPad or iPhone was lost or stolen, the device can take the current user’s photo, record his voice and heartbeat, make random screenshots, record keystroke logs, incoming data, GPS location coordinates, etc. and send the gathered data to the responsible authority.
  • Detecting Way of Traveling. Here’s where the iDevices’ accelerometer comes into play. It analyzes the vibration pattern and defines if the current user is walking, running or traveling by plane, car, train, or bicycle.
  • Remote Security Measures. The owner of the lost or stolen device can limit its functional capabilities and delete sensitive information from it remotely.

Thus, we will conclude that Apple is hardly trying to track and disable hacked and jailbroken iPads and iPhones but is rather giving IT admins monitoring and maintaining devices remotely a helping hand in their job.


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