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iPad Experience in UK

31-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

Apple stores in UK are still filled with enthusiastic customers experiencing iPad for the first time which indicates the popularity of the device in UK, Japan and other countries where iPad launched for the second time. The debuting response was overwhelming and predicted sales in UK are way over the rate of units sold in USA for the first two days. iPad users are downloading apps and games which may make another sales record for the iPad but the customers are not overall happy regarding the price and carrier charges provided in UK.

The cheapest model of 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad costs $499 in USA and lesser in street price but the same range starts in UK from £429 that is similar to $625, which is nearly one and a half multiple of USA iPad price.

The costlier iPads with Wi-Fi & 3G both facility has more price difference like the 64 GB model with 3G costs $899 in USA which if bought from UK will come with a price tag of £699 that is $1, 018  that created grievance amongst the fans regarding this huge extra price that are forced to pay in their country.

Data Plan

iPad Price Chart in UK

The carrier charger bear quite similar story, there is no plan from any major operator at all that gives unlimited data usage upon paying any amount of money, and data transmission price per GB is quite greater than USA. AT & T provide unlimited data plan in USA for the cost of only $29.99 per month where as the cheapest rate of UK is provided by the Mobile 3 Phone Network that covers only 10 GB of data transmission including both upload and download for the price of £15 or $22 approx in US standard.

The UK fans of iPad are also complaining about the extra charge they have to pay as the carrier charge of the SIM card usable in the iPad slot. Normal mobile or iPhone SIM cards are not compatible with the SIM slot in the iPad, it requires a specially designed Micro-SIM card that is much lesser in dimension that normal SIM.

As iPad hasn’t been yet able to replace Mobile totally till now, users are forced buy another SIM card to avail the facility of internet inside it unless they always stay inside Wi-Fi hotspot which is not practically possible all the time while moving with the iPad.

The out of chart sales record in the USA pushed away the released date of iPad in the UK in previous time, and now the people willing to buy the device have to pay nearly one and half multiple of what is USA price of iPad now, moreover there is no good carrier with decent data rates. The iPad despite being very popular in UK Apple will have to think over these problems as people in UK already started expressing their grievance on these issues.


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