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iPad Featured as In-flight Entertainment System

18-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

The main use of iPad has always been in controversy, where to use it as Netbook or e-Book Reader or a missing link between MAC and iPhone was in criticism but Bluebox avionics lifted the level high to introduce the iPad as a live entertainment system to the passengers during their flight with custom made application and special flight mode that will enrich the experience of their customers. They are not just giving an iPad to every passenger who is travelling in airlines but adding some custom features to it for making a perfect companion while travelling and spending the time with fun.

Bluebox Avionics is calling it the bluebox Ai and claiming to be the first in flight entertainment system that will utilize the iPad, and no wonder a unique idea as its not been over two months since iPad has launched in USA and if they are giving it for their passengers to use while travelling, will certainly encourage iPad lovers who didn’t get the chance of hands on experience to think about their airlines while deciding to choose among options of airlines to travel on.


They claim to lift up the power, flexibility and quality of the Apple iPad that indicates the use of custom software or combination of software for using in their Ai which will perfectly suit the Apple iPad with the flexible interfacing system. The reason of choosing iPad is described by Bluebox Avionics as Apple iPad is the most advanced consumer device ever created, according to them, which added a new feather to the crown of Apple iPad, being entitled the best entertaining consumer device besides being best eBook reader and other titles. Apple iPad stepped one stair up for being used as a versatile device for the widest range of applications.

The bluebox Ai is designed with keeping pace to the previous in flight entertainment (IFE) systems. A new Ai movie player has been incorporated by Bluebox Avionics in the Apple iPad that claims to offer best picture quality possible in a handheld device. There will be other customized facilities from them like a whole set of consumer magazines, empowered by Zinioâ„¢, custom applications made for the specific airline along with other fabulous features that are normally available in any iPad like full range of Games, e-Books and applications to enjoy during flight in the iPad.

Bluebox invented one possibility of using iPad as a main stream entertainment system by adding custom interface and application but there are other possibilities waiting to be incorporated with iPad, the possibilities are verse and there are reasons to believe devices like Apple iPad, that already been started to build after release of iPad, may arise as the universal gadget in the future that will have all the facilities of a PC or MAC, Mobile, e-Book Reader, Console and other entertainment tools to make it complete and used as the only essential device.

The iPad in-flight Entertainment will come in to market in July with an international carrier and will also be available to other airlines soon.

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