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iPad Keyboard Tips: Secrets Anybody Must Know

11-May-2012 by aligorelova

How often do you use iPad keyboard? I’ll take a guess. Most users need the virtual keys when surfing the web, typing emails, working in text applications, etc. A lot of people take their tablet computer to work and use it for business chores.

The onscreen keyboard can be demanding to you in case you don’t know these tips and tricks we are about to reveal. They are not complicated to master but they will unquestionably make the iPad keyboard experience much easier and well-organized.

iPad Keyboard Tips Guide

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A List of iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks


In case you have to type a special character, follow this secret: tap and hold on some consonants or vowels and you will notice a pop-up menu with various characters included. Choose what you need and continue typing.

This tip is handy for users who often type in foreign languages and, for example, want to quickly find circumflexes and accents.


Special characters will also pop-up if you tap and hold on some of the numeric keys perfect for foreign language speakers. Let’s imagine that you must locate the currency symbol other than dollars. You need to tap and hold on the $ key and you will see a window with many currency symbols to choose from.

Fans of Spanish language might search for upside-down question marks and exclamations by tapping and holding the exclamation point and question mark on onscreen iPad keyboard.

If you are looking for an ellipsis pay you should attention at the period key.


Those who need to quickly find the cents symbol should swipe up on the dollar sign key.


When you are typing a text, you can save time on inserting periods and spaces by double-tapping on the spacebar.


Fans of Safari browser can get a menu of top-level domains such as .edu and .org by tapping and holding on the .com key.


It is easy to inster numbers and punctuation marks and quickly return to the alpha keyboard if you slide your finger when opening numeric keys and then release it.


Those of users who are yearning to pick and type the top-level domain at the end of an email address must tap and hold on the period.

Split Undock iPad Keyboard


The last secret we want to mention is your ability to split and undock the onscreen keyboard on iPad by tapping and holding on a key in the lower right and choosing “Undock” and “Split.” Now it’s time to position the split keyboard on the screen as you like it.

The best thing about this tip is the way how to can type with thumbs using both hands. If you tap next to the H key you will type a G key and vice versa.

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