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iPad or Laptop?

07-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

Apple has invented innovative ways to fulfill our daily gadget usage for the widest range of applications, ranging from MAC or iPhone; it can cover everything we need. The Apple iPad is however something different than regular devices, it is targeted towards future technology of a universal portable device for multipurpose use and it has already been successful in its aim to create a separate new market for a third device besides the conventional PC or Mobile.

Before its release everyone was doubtful if it can take any place of regular using devices but proving the critics completely wrong, it not only became popular but also made others to follow the path it has started. The best thing of Apple iPad is that everyone is trying to follow its technique and trying to build around it, making it centre point of focus.

Now the question arises if iPad can replace conventional notebook or laptop, or it will lack the basic needs that we can get from a Netbook. Surely tablet has many great lists of iPad features but it don’t have a storage space good enough or lacks the file management system and encryption that we can get from a laptop. But most of the people like the iPad better for its user friendly dimension and interactive navigation with ease, resulting in products to launch to fulfill this necessity.

Apple iPad or netbook

A company called CalmCase brought iPad keyboards into market to justify this fashion that is able to turn iPad into a Notebook look alike. It is a keyboard casing that can be attached with Apple iPad for extensive typing use and with it, the iPad appears like a notebook from outside with flip function.

The CalmCase can be detached whenever needed and it is extremely light to carry with. People who feel problems in virtual keyboard or who need typing keeping it on a table, CalmCase can be extremely handy for them. The keyboard contains all keys of an internet ready keyboard and extremely sensitive to figure touch to make it worthy of using with Apple iPad.

The keyboard only lacks a Trackpad for using the finger as virtual mouse, one important feature everyone would love to use in the CalmCase.The sleek and stylish outlook of the CalmCase keyboard is capable of easily winning the hearts of the people who possess Apple iPad already or who are willing to buy one. CalmCase is scheduled to release fall this year although no official announcement about its price has been made yet.

As the iPad features a Bluetooth keyboard support, there are chances that we can see more keyboard casing for Apple iPad and the possibility of a keyboard to come with trackpad is bright enough with the advancement of the technology that will not only help in establishing iPad as a notebook supplement but also enhance its performance by adding extra features to it. Thus the proverb that says: There is more in the iPad that meets the eye’ is proceeding towards making it a most useful omnipurpose gadget that can be used as Laptop or PC replacement and will also have capabilities of a mobile.

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