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iPad Potential Customers Go for Netbooks and Notebooks Instead?

28-May-2010 by aligorelova

Popular Apple’s tablet is not doing as well as expected. Guys from firm conducted a study and asked individuals through web if they would buy the iPad.


About 70 % of potential cutomers said they were thinking about getting an iPad but went for a netbook or a notebook instead.

Over 1,000 people from the USA participated in this study. People who responded to the query had a 4%-95% of confidence level. Over 70% of them were dreaming about getting a Jobs’ tablet toy.

But the question was if they would actually buy an iPad, notebook or netbook. And yes, when these people came to the store they chose either keyboardless netbooks or a notebook with a keyboard.

Only 30% of respondents went and got their dream Apple’s toy as they originally intended.

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