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iPad Specific 3G SIM Card Came Into Market

14-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

The 3G version of the Apple iPad hasn’t been launched yet but a carrier named Cubic Telecom’ announced the launch of the a new 3G SIM card specially designed for the Apple iPad that can be accessed all around the Europe.

The factor that iPad sales revenue is increasing exponentially day in and day out along with its paid applications increased the ardor amongst its developers to associate with its creation, the launch of 3G SIM card even before the actual unit launch, is clearly the result of iPad craze that is generating millions of revenue in the market and expected to generate furthermore.

The Wi-Fi version has been launched in USA only and 3G is about to launch in UK on 28th May 2010. As one of the main uses of iPad is to browse Internet and work with Web based applications, games, videos and office work the carrier and data plan of iPad is of pretty importance, the main reason behind this hurried launch of an iPad only 3G SIM card.

The 3G SIM card is developed by Cubic Telecom which is a pioneering company in Global roaming service will enable its holders to take the iPad anywhere across the UK with greatly reduced roaming charge comparing to other carriers. SIM card is being launched by the name of MaxRoam’ and will be available with a price tag of 75 whoever will be willing to use it in their iPad.

This 3G SIM card will have 50 MB memory space for logging of calls, messages and storing numbers but users will also be able the iPad disk space for the purpose, adding to the facility of the SIM card. The SIM card is Micro SIM type with reduced dimension from any normal SIM card to fit the specified small card of the Apple iPad.

iPad SIM Card

MAXroam SIM Card Sell for iPad 3G

Cubic Telecom opened their website portal to buy this 3G card from there directly starting on today, 14th may 2010. They also described this SIM card as a result of continuous hard working of their research & Development team who were dedicated to deliver the first 3G Micro SIM card to its future users with added facilities and added functionalities. Pat Phelan, the director of products and innovation from Cubic Telecom also specified their 3G SIM card as well adoptable technology for Apple iPad and upcoming next generation Apple iPhone standard.

Multifunctional devices like Apple iPad can use the touch of a mobile facility which will not only enable it as a mobile device but will add great extended feature to it, may be possible in the upcoming future with a next generation of iPad. For now, users of iPad have to be happy with the 3G SIM card and calling applications like Skype that will enable it to use as a mobile to some extent. Thusly the news of 3G SIM card release is considered a good one for the Apple iPad users making the start of this SIM sells from the date of its launching.

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