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iPhone 4S, Android, And Nokia Show Down This Quarter

05-May-2012 by Ndrey Rivers

We already know about Android battle vs. iPhone 4S, but Nokia is expected to heighten the intensity of the competition as it is rumored to release new models in the market within this quarter. According to reports, Nokia will release two newcomers in China, and a new phone with  LTE access in the United States.

We all know that China and the United States are the two leading consumers of smartphones in the planet, and releasing new phone models will obviously bring Nokia a piece of fortune that Apple and Android is currently savouring.


A report from New York Times stated that Nokia will work with China Telecom to boom the business. China Telecom currently has 126 million customers in the country. Lumia 800C and Lumia 610 are expected to be available in the market in June. The two phone models are said to be very competitive when it comes to pricing, but the question is, will it penetrate the popularity of iPhone 4S that is currently blinding the Chinese buyers?

Meanwhile, Nokia Lumia is expected to be available in the United States within this month, in partnership with AT&T. Current reports are stating the online pre-orders for the said unit is currently ongoing.

Nokia is evidently working on the features of its new gadgets, but the battle lies mainly on the apps and not merely on the hardware. Apple iPhone 4S is currently dominating the industry with the iStore and the Apple Store. Nokia is currently working with Microsoft, but what’s dominating the market is iOS followed by Android.

iphone-4s-vs-nokia 1

While iOS and Android are soaring with features every month,  Windows Phone from Microsoft on the other hand is going downhill. Last month the firm confirmed that “Smoked by Galaxy Nexus” if you’re familiar with it, and “No Angry Birds: Space” future. These are two big turn offs that will probably make the consumers turn their backs on the Nokia Phones.

One analyst released a confident statement saying Android phones from Samsun and  iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 from Apple will get 90 percent of the total smartphone sales this year, leaving the competitors 10 percent to take part on.

According to Maynard Um, a UBS analyst, the mentioned smartphones will have soaring sales of 1.69 billion units in 2012, leaving 10 percent of the figure to the rest of the competitors which obviously include Nokia.

Nokia vs.  iPhone 4S is something that is not really making a big noise in the gadget world, but this is something that should make consumers happy. Having more than one option is really great particularly if you’re after the price.

However, a lot have questioned Nokia’s decision to embrace Microsoft and get involved in the Windows phone market. It would have made a huge difference if the originally Finland-based company take part of the highly lucrative universe of Android, not to mention that iOS is already dominant in the business.

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