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Latest Rumors on OS X 10.9 Release Date

07-Nov-2012 by aligorelova

For when has Apple planned its next OS X 10.9 release date? People who are closely following everything that the Cupertino-based company is doing can assure you that this launch might happen pretty soon.

Some computers are already running OS X 10.9 when others only OS X 10.8. At least you can find out that Macs [geo-IP located on the famous tech giant’s network] have shown page views. This was observed during last month. Since hits were coming from a couple of IP addresses experts believe that tech workers have been testing the new operating system broadly.

Beta Version of OS X 10.9

Of course, the news about the next OS X version being tested is not surprising and it will surely not wow you. But it’s still some hint about Apple’s future plans and products since it released a lot of re-designed gadgets and programs this fall and a lot of iOS users wonder what presentation to expect next.

Analytics logs might be faked. We understand this. However, a lot of different and reliable resources are speaking about such logs, so we can believe that the OS X 10.9 release date will follow soon after testers complete their job and make sure that the operating system is ready for public launch.

Another Cat-based Name for Mac OS

Since beta testers are reportedly doing their job and helping Apple to make its OS X 10.9 release date come sooner, you might wonder how the Cupertino-based company can name its next operating system.

As you remember the Mac OS X 10.8 version was named Mountain Lion. Does it mean that the 10.9 platform would get some other cat-based name? There are rumors that it might get the title “Ocelot” and if this happens we would not see any cat-based nomenclatures any more. Are there no more big cats in the world? There is a joke that offers the following name for OS X 10.9:

Mac OS X 10.9

What do you think about such an idea?

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1 Comment on "Latest Rumors on OS X 10.9 Release Date"

james braselton
4 years 2 days ago

hi there cool name mac ogr sounds like mac running borg os useing war drive laser hard drives