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Making the iPhone and iPod Touch look like iPad

19-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

Apple fell short with supply over the demand of iPad after releasing, which was unpredicted from Apple or critics as iPad don’t serve the purpose of an essential device but despite the fact it sold like hot dogs. So Apple lovers outside USA have to wait till iPad gets released in their country, iPad lovers from UK and additional 8 countries are lucky as it is getting released in there on 28th May 2010 but for others it’s a long wait.

So if anyone wants to get the taste of iPad in their iPhone device to look the same home page and screens, here is a step by step guide on how to use the iPhone home screen look like an iPad home screen. Actually share same operating system, iPad 3.2 that will be soon upgraded to iPhone 4.0 for all the devices.

The file opening, application running, playing a video or audio has same experience for all three handheld device from Apple, rightly given iPad the name of a Bigger iPhone’ where everything possible in iPhone can be done except the calling & related facilities.

The interfacing of the operating system for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad is quite same except some customized User Interface in the Apple iPad and extra applications in it like iBook and the Apple iWork Suite.

iPad theme on iPhone

So to give iPhone & iPod Touch the look and feel of iPad the following steps may be taken :

  • Simple iPad Theme‘ from Cydia.
  • Winterboard’ application from Cydia.
  • MakeItMine’ application from Cydia to change the carrier logo of iPod Touch.
  • Shrink’ application from Cydia to reduce size of the application icons on the home page of Springboard.
  • Proswitcher’ application from Cydia to incorporate some way of multitasking and fast application switching.
  • Classics’ Application to introduce the look and feel of iBook in the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • NYTimes’ The New York Times application from Apple App Store.
  • Kindle’ e-Book application from Apple App Store.
  • iPad wallpaper
  • iWork Suite from Apple App  Store.

Using the above applications and enhancements will give the home page of iPhone or iPod Touch a look & feel of Apple iPad although the using experience will never be same for some applications like iBook and Classics, Classics can’t replace a amazing application like iBook, still will feel somewhat similar.

But hopefully when the iPhone Operating System 4 will launch for all these three they will look alike as the new upcoming operating system will give iPhone and iPod Touch the privilege of using iBook and iWork Suite as default application just like it does in iPad currently.

But till then, people who have the iPhone or iPod Touch but unfortunately don’t possess the Apple iPad here is a good chance for them to taste the feelings of iPad in their devices, which is an experience in its own.

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