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Mario Kart Game for iPad

27-May-2010 by Ndrey Rivers

Gaming on the iPad is getting better as emulator genius ZodTTD combines its applications, making Super Mario Kart runs smoothly in the iPad, without actually jailbreaking (hacking) the gadget’s OS. This emulation is amazingly impressive as it works on the iPad’s screen.


However, great Mario Kart game won’t be available in the market too soon as Nintendo is expected to take action on this development.

The first test of Mario Kart on the iPad is so far successful as the application runs with no difficulties. The downside can be playing the game with iPad’s touch screen rather than using a real hardware button. The success of this innovation remains to be determined.

So far those gamers who love Mario racers should just jailbreak their device and enjoy Mario World mushrooms and other cool but hacked apps. While playing what is available you can just wait till you are able to drop the game ROM and emulator by Zod onto the pwned tablet and speed away. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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Zod gives a promise that their emulator will work on iPad’s 1023×768 resolution. And this game might even be submitted to the App store! For now you can watch this YouTube video of how SuperMario Kart can transfer from Nintendo to the iPad!

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