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Most Popular iPad Apps for Principals

06-Dec-2011 by Angela Topchu

We have already talked about the benefits of using iPad in schools for teachers and students, but what about the principals? As well as the teachers, they started to do their work with the help of iDevices quite successfully and in order to work even better than ever, we advice them to use some of the most popular iPad apps for principals.

iPad Apps for Principals


Planning the day and keeping appointments are probably the most important parts of the principal’s work, and with the iCal app he doesn’t need any calendars. It allows a school leader to add new appointments, set reminders, reject or accept meeting invitations, change the schedule and many other things.

iCal ipad app

I’m sure that no one will go back to the ordinary paper calendar after using iCal application.


This is definitely one of the most popular iPad apps for principals, as it’s very well designed and rather easy to use. Om niFocus helps to monitor the numerous projects, ideas, tasks and plans in the work of a principal.

omnifocus for ipad

This application is awesome, but it’s quite expensive. It includes everything for a good job – quick organization, easy capture, task display and many other useful features.


Diigo is a great tool for making notes, saving screenshots, uploading images, bookmarking links from the web pages. It also allows a principal to organize the electronic items by types, quickly search tags and send the annotated page to the friends through the e-mail.

Diigo ipad app

The application is really helpful on the meetings, as a principal can discuss and share the information he has found on the Internet.


It’s not a surprise that Go Docs is in the list of the most popular iPad apps for principals, as it is very simple and gives the school leaders access to the Google Docs accounts. The interface of this application is easy and also intuitive.

godocs ipad app

Go Docs is really an awesome iPad app if you want to have an access to the documents everywhere and every time.

Mobile RSS 

This is another great application that makes it possible for a principal to follow more than 250 RSS feeds via the Google Reader account. It is very easy to use and can also work on iPhone. Mobile RSS iPad app includes a lot of cool features which are really helpful in the work.

Mobile RSS

This app is must-have if you follow several blogs and want to quick view photos or headlines and share the information with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email.

So, this was a short list of the most popular iPad apps for principals which will help them to work better and faster than before.

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