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Mount Your iPad On The Refrigerator With FridgePad

05-Aug-2010 by Angela Topchu

FridgePad is a new iPad accessory that mounts your iPad magically on the refrigerator. Kitchen is said to be the heart of your home, and mounting your iPad on the kitchen refrigerator means you have placed your device in a perfect location for all the family to use it.



Fridgepad is an exceptional refrigerator mount for your iPad that is made of high-quality anodised silver. This mount can accommodate to your iPad using its 20cm x 15cm magnet and is able to handle 90g cm².

FridgePad iPad stand should hit Amazon in the following months or maximum in the fall. The price for this fabulous Fridgepad iPad mount will be about $75.

Hot features of Fridgepad are as follows:

  • It holds your iPad very snuggly to ensure utmost safety.
  • It provides to full control to all the ports, tabs, and buttons of your iPad.
  • It allows hands free use of the iPad.
  • It has a very large and powerful magnet that helps you to eliminate any movement.
  • It easily mounts your iPad to the refrigerator through its influential magnetic tool.
  • You can set it in both portrait and landscape mode as per your comfort and desire.
  • It has a clip that can easily be repositioned on the refrigerator or simply removed off.
  • It is designed to stimulate the instinct of your kitchen.
  • It does not leave any marks or damage on your fridge or iPad.
  • It is machined from very high quality aluminums and finished in power anodised silver, thereby making it a very durable and powerful accessory for iPad.
  • It’s a future proof extraordinary design for the iPad.


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