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Multitasking for Your iPad Coming Soon

31-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

There are a lot of application switching tools used in iPhones. There have been several questions asked about why there has been no application introduced so far for the iPad. The process of iPad multitasking is handled by the backgrounder which is believed to be only half of what is required.


PadLauncher is the latest release for Apple iPad which seems to be taking care of the gap left over by the backgrounder.

From the words of a developer who is developing this application you can learn he is trying to combine PadLauncher and circuitous in a single iPad app. Since this application is only in its beta phase it appears buggy and slow, according to the developer.

This all new app promises a lot. Some of the exciting features announced by the developer include favorites and hidden application. He also says he is working towards gestures to close applications. Orientation changing is also a possible feature considered by the developer.

Given the fact that he might be late for the existing version as 4.0 is likely to be released soon, he promises to port the software to iOS 4.0

It looks like the iPad backgrounder has finally met its better half.

The new app should be available at Cydia soon. For now you can enjoy a cool YouTube video that shows the best sides of the upcoming iPad application.


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