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New iPad Travel Guide by Frommer and Inkling

04-May-2012 by aligorelova

Top travel apps for iPad surely include iPad travel guide books. One of them, an interactive app for iOS devices, was recently launched by publisher Inkling and company Frommer. The new guidebook let’s you prepare for a trip in easy and fun ways.

iPad Travel Guide by Frommer and Inkling

The comprehensive travel app for travelers offers destinations research, maps, photos, weather reports, feedbacks, and more.

Your World of Adventures

Most people are used to pay about $30 for paperback travel guides. Still with the release of new technology products and growing popularity of internet it has become much quicker to find all the information about a trip abroad in one application.

The latest iPad travel guide covers a lot of interesting places, such as Japan, US, France, Great Britain, etc. Some content comes from Day By Day series by Frommer. Still, the guidebook is more interesting than its printed predecessor.


Inkling is trying to design its applications in the most user-friendly style. Its travel app fits on the iPad and even on the iPhone. You don’t have to buy costly foreign data plans to access the program since it is stored locally.

Since most iOS users own a couple of Apple devices, they are looking for universal apps that can be used on both tablet computers and smartphones.

So if you travel abroad and wish to leave your tablet computer in the hotel room you will still be able to access the guidebook from your phone.

Simple navigation, search option and contact details are also great advantages of the book that talks. It means you can learn some foreign phrases before going to a new country.


It’s not a secret that top travel apps for iPad aren’t free. The travel guide by Frommer and Inkling is available for $14.99 for most countries.

The book is regularly updated. Anybody is able to add their notes and encourage other travelers to vising a unique or interesting place.

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