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Faster Nitro Javascript Engine with Cool Nitrous Jailbreak Tweak

31-Jul-2012 by Nicole Young

Do you hear about app for iPhone apps? Sounds strangely but today’s Nitrous jailbreak tweak is such app. Apple had ported Nitro Javascript engine utilized in desktop edition of Safari to cellular Safari browser in iOS 4.3, that loads Javascripts 2 times faster. Even so, apps like Google Chrome for iOS which are based upon WebKit do not have access to the quicker Nitro Javascript engine.

Apple company also doesn’t permit third-party runtimes (because of security issues), which often disallows third-party making and Javascript engines.

Nitrous jailbreak tweak

So among the negatives of making Google Chrome or some other third-party browser as the standard browser on your iPhone or iPad is the operation is not comparable to mobile Safari. But not any more with Nitrous jailbreak tweak. Joe Jordon has just launched a nifty jailbreak tweak, that allows you to let the Nitro Javascript engine for third-party applications.

Essentially in the standard results, allowing the Nitro Javascript engine for third-party applications like Chrome browser improves the operation significantly, bringing it on par with cellular Safari. You can allow Nitrous jailbreak tweak for the third-party apps through the Settings app (Settings -> Nitrous). The actual jailbreak tweak wants iOS 5 or more and utilizes a iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Let’s check out the what original source talks about Nitrous jailbreak tweak:

“Nitrous is available on Cydia for $0.99. It’s a must-have if you have made Google Chrome the default browser on your iPhone or iPad or use WebKit heavy apps such as Facebook etc.

We’re hoping that Apple will allow WebKit based third-party apps to access the Nitro Javascript engine in iOS 6 so that users can enjoy significantly faster performance without having tojailbreak their iOS device.”

If you want such feature on your iPhone get this cool Nitrous jailbreak tweak and you surely like it! One more thing: for more information don’t forget to check out! Stay tuned!


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