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Want To Download OS X Mountain Lion? First Read About The Issues

01-Aug-2012 by Andy McGee

It is almost one week passed but many users complained that the had OS X Mountain Lion problems. I can confirm that a lot of bugs exist in this new Mac OS.

It all started on the first day after installing the new system. It seems that Apple missed a lot of bugs in a hurry with the release that it becomes unclear how they could not see it.

And the first issue with Mountain Lion is with cloud service. Let’s start with clouds and support forums at Apple, where multiple users reported about issues with mail @me / @icloud. One user reported the removal of all the letters from his mailbox, noting that he personally does not involved in this incident. Several commentators supported the statement by the user and reported similar problems with their mailboxes. However Apple quickly fixed that problem and users reported that it was really true.

OS X Mountain Lion problemsAnother OS X Mountain Lion problems that users encountered, were with iMessage functionality. The problem is in the delay in the activation iMessage iOS and Messages on Mac OS X. If you try to log on, service reports awaiting activation. This expectation is delayed and as the result the service refuses to function.

Also there are issues with the FaceTime and iTunes (App Store). Some users report that they experience problems when trying to make purchases at the App Store. From time to time FaceTime doesn’t function too. Some users who are trying to contact with their friends using their devices’ camcorder report about this.

As talking about the soft issues, the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion is full of small errors and bugs that were resolved in first minor update, but many of them are still exist.

Very strange behavior has Mountain Lion feature Mission Control, which is in an activated state does not want to drag windows applications with the active desktop in the background, just throwing them in the original position. However,after trying several times you can accomplish it but this situation is a little sad.

According to reviews from Twitter, some users said about the problems after updting their Mac to OS X Mountain Lion they had problems it refused to switch into sleep mode. More precisely, he moves correctly, but does not stay in it and “wakes up”, despite the forced transfer.

Also, users report about problems the Time Machine, which refuses to “see” the disk to create a backup, or does not behave properly offering to remove the backup file.

It is really very sad to hear about that OS X Mountain Lion problems from our reader but I’m sure that Apple will fix these issues in the near updates. So calm down and enjoy this new Mac OS X. Also you can use comment form below and tell us about your experience in finding bugs in this fresh OS from Apple.

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3 Comments on "Want To Download OS X Mountain Lion? First Read About The Issues"

Muareen McCarhty
4 years 28 days ago

I set up rules for some mail and the mailbox I directed mail to either changes or just gets deleted. This week I've corrected the rules for three days in a row.

4 years 5 months ago

Continued problems with Lion and Mountain Lion that continue to remain unresolved will ultimately hurt Apple in customer loyalty and $$. Returned my brand new MacBook Pro to store after 10 days of not being able to connect to any internet, even after endless hours daily on phone to Apple and internet provider. Expected better from Apple

4 years 6 months ago

Mountain Lion's Proxy problems make using it a corporate environment difficult.
From Safari crashes, to iPhoto (and many core services) not being able to detect the internet when using autproxy or when a PAC is configured.
Additionally the changes to the way Java and other background applications run, have rendered things like Webex useless until they patch.
So all in all, as a larger corporation user, Mountain Lion has rendered the macs useless.