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Compare iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4: Gorgeous Renders [Pictures]

25-Mar-2013 by aligorelova

The iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 “fight” continues. Some users prefer getting a small 4-inch handset while others need a big 6-inch tablet-like gadget. It’s a personal decision, and we are not here to compare iPhone – Galaxy based on features and technical specifics. We are here to help you compare iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in images.

But first let’s see comparison between iPhone 5 specs and Galaxy S3 and figure out the best.

It’s true that customers can’t agree on which device is best because millions of consumers can’t have the same taste on popular devices. Both smartphones have pros and cons, good and bad sides. If you just wish to see them side-by-side, keep on reading and looking at the pictures below.

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App Store UDID App Access to Be Prohibited Starting May 1

24-Mar-2013 by aligorelova

UDID apps App Store support will be stopped starting May 1st. The Cupertino-based giant wants developers to create programs that do not access UDID of iOS devices. The company will simply reject iPhone and iPad apps that have Apple UDID access in a month.

Yes, this issue will finally be resolved. Most iPhone owners worry about various developers being able to get their Apple UDID access through programs loaded to the App Store. Not long ago Apple protected Apple ID with security questions and now its changed its policy again. The policy changes and no more applications will be able to get this access. Besides, there is one more rule that iOS devs must follow starting May 1.

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About WhatsApp iPhone App: Free Subscription Ends Soon

21-Mar-2013 by aligorelova

A lot of people know WhatsApp no matter what device they gave, as this cross-platform messenger proved to be must-have for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and other devices. Would you like to download WhatsApp iPhone program and use it for free during this year?

The application is so popular that its creators have introduced an annual subscription model. According to the company’s CEO Jan Koum, the first changed will be applied to the Apple device programs. Continue reading “About WhatsApp iPhone App: Free Subscription Ends Soon” »

Apple Made iOS 6.1.3 Untetethered Jailbreak With Evasi0n Impossible

20-Mar-2013 by GeorgeK

A closer look at safety notes issued with the latest iOS 6.1.3 update release revealed that the technology giant seriously took up the study of popular tool for jailbreaking knows as Evasi0n. Apple found and fixed four of the six exploits.

Evad3rs used some of the vulnerabilities to create a jailbreak Evasi0n, which allowed owners of iPhone 5, iPad mini and other iOS 6.x devices “liberate” their gadgets. The program has been downloaded 7,000,000 times in the first four days and used the flaws in iOS to give users more control over the system-level functions (via jailbreak-tweaks from Cydia), normally closed to the general users. Continue reading “Apple Made iOS 6.1.3 Untetethered Jailbreak With Evasi0n Impossible” »

iOS 6.1.3 Final Public Version Ends Jailbreaking [Download]

19-Mar-2013 by aligorelova

It seems that not so long ago Apple started to send beta versions of its iOS 6.1.3 out to developers for testing, and now the company announced the iOS 6.1.3 release for public. What does this firmware bring to iPhone and iPad users? What new features does it offer? Should you upgrade as soon as possible or wait a bit?

Firstly, we must say that one of the predicted iOS 6.1.3 features was enhancement to Apple Maps in Japan. This update is included in this operating system as well as some bug fixes. Secondly, firmware v6.1.3 fixes a security hole with lock screen bypass people complained about a month ago.

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