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You Are Now Able to Install Mac Wi-Fi Update 1.0 [Direct Link]

19-Dec-2012 by aligorelova

Everyone who owns one of the latest 2012 Mac machines, iMac 27-inch and 21,5-inch and others, is asked to install Mac Wi-Fi update 1.0 presented by Apple. The Cupertino-based company recommends this update as it improves some things. For example, it should make your 5GHz band Wi-Fi using experience much better.

Apple has provided some additional information about the upgrade 1.0 for Wi-Fi on Mac computers on its official website. You can read it before you download and install Mac Wi-Fi update 1.0. As always, we will provide the direct link for this update inside the post or you can use Software Update to get it.

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Apple Released iOS 6.0.2 Update to Fix WiFi Bug

18-Dec-2012 by GeorgeK

Apple released a new iOS 6.0.2 firmware update for users of iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Update is aimed at fixing bugs with Wi-Fi and an overall improvement of the devices.

iPhone 5 release very soon left a mixed impression. On one side it is an innovative ultra-thin smartphone with a stunning performance and luxurious screen, and on the other – the gadget, which is subject to several birth defects including problem with scratches on the edges of the corpus. Another complaint about the new Apple phone was connecting error to the wireless network. They got hotspot problems or lack of the net. Continue reading “Apple Released iOS 6.0.2 Update to Fix WiFi Bug” »

How to Use Siri in Google Maps [Video Instruction]

18-Dec-2012 by aligorelova

As soon as the popular Google Maps app was released for the iOS 6 devices, users started to wonder how it is possible to get voice directions from this program via Siri assistant. Internet has reacted to people’s “want” as some people started to share their instructions and videos on how to use Siri in Google Maps.

We watched the videos and are now able to tell you what you should do in order to improve your Google Maps experience on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Remember to also watch this video after reading our how-to guide.

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Where To Get Download Links of iOS 6.1 beta 4 Without Developer Account

18-Dec-2012 by Mark Postman

Yesterday Apple company released another beta version of future iOS and now you can use direct links to download iOS 6.1 beta 4 without developer account. Here below is the list of supported devices and links to the IPSW files.

From the launch of the previous beta version 3 of iOS 6.1 passed exactly two weeks and today registered developers and “simple” people can install iOS 6.1 Beta 4. You can download the fourth update for the build 10B5126b using “over the air” update (Settings -> General -> Software Update) and is intended for the device with the previous beta versions. Continue reading “Where To Get Download Links of iOS 6.1 beta 4 Without Developer Account” »

Now You Can Download Update of GTA Vice City 1.1 for iPad and iPhone

17-Dec-2012 by GeorgeK

Just recently RockStar game released update 1.1 for GTA Vice City for iPad and iPhone and you can download it now.

Now gammers from 2000’s proposed to repeat the experience plunged into the criminal world of the 80’s but on their smartphones and tablets. Today release of the first GTA Vice City update for the game is aimed at fixing bugs encountered by users during playing the mobile version of Vice City. Continue reading “Now You Can Download Update of GTA Vice City 1.1 for iPad and iPhone” »