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People are Actually Satisfied with the iPad

24-May-2010 by aligorelova

Two surveys conducted by ChangeWave assure that iPad customers really like this tablet.


Over 150 people took part in the first survey. About 74% of them assured they were very satisfied with their purchase, and about 17% were fairly satisfied. Only 2% said they were not satisfied with their iPad. It’s not that many, right?

The second survey was organized to fight out how many possible customers were planning to get the iPad in the future. About 3,200 people participated in this study. About 7% of respondents said they were very likely to possess Apple’s tablet, and another 13% were faintly likely to do the same thing.

What is the result? Well, about 91% of iPad customers are satisfied with their purchase. And these numbers will most likely continue to grow.


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