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Play Real iPad Strategy Game: World in War

15-Feb-2011 by aligorelova

World War II still disturbs minds of the youth worldwide, as teenagers, students and real iPad gamers love controlling the fate of their nation even though it is virtual control via playing various video games.

Would you like to lead German soldiers while they invade Poland? Or do you wish to help Soviet armies to outwit their enemies in World War II by protecting their borders till the end? Or maybe you want to guide Allied armies through the battles competing with other iPad users online. Actually, you may choose whatever you like, playing World in War on your tablet PC.

World in War is a multiplayer game released by PAN Vision. This strategy game for iPad showcases WW2 in Europe, and it offers you hours of mind twisting pleasure as you decide the fortune and future of your nation.


How to Play: Tips

Multiplayer game: As this game is turn-based, you can enjoy a multiplayer mode with short delays between turns. This is pretty cool, since you and your friends can play at the same time without having to wait until each gamer completes his moves. Just be very attentive, as you are never certain where your opponents are heading to.

Playing against the computer: If you wish to play against your iDevice, your goal is to complete all the objectives in order to win.

Playing against other people: If you want to compete against other gamers, play World in War online via OpenFeint. World in War is OpenFeint enabled. Of course, you can skip this feature, and enjoy the gameplay only. Or, you can register in OpenFeint for free to see leaderboards, achievements, challenges and discuss various excellent iPad games with millions of other gamers worldwide.

You can also play against your friends on your iPad. Just hand it over to the next player when you asked to do so.

Battle for funds: Keep in mind that in order to win a scenario, you need to get more income from the regions you invade. You can produce new units if you have production centers.

Strategies: You can buy new strategies, but it’s kind of risky, since you get random strategies with each purchase. Use your logic and apply them at the right moment to earn more income and win the battle.

Easy-to-move: To move your soldiers to a new region, press an army and drag it wherever you wish to move. If you order your army to move into a sea region, it will be automatically transferred to ships.


Cool Features:

– online multiplayer (challenge your friends via OpenFeint);

– three campaigns: Land battle, Sea battle and Border battle;

– 13 historically inspired scenarios;

– realistic region based maps;

– 4 available units: infantry, tanks, artillery and ships;

– challenging music;

– bunkers, paratroopers, airstrikes and other strategies.


Price and Compatibility

You can download this strategy game for $2.99 via iTunes or App Store. It supports five languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Sadly it doesn’t support Russian language, but those Russian iPad fans who wish to play for the former USSR should probably study English or use the help of an interpreter.

World in War requires  iOS 3.0 or later, and it is designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Warning: This game has pretty realistic violence, so it’s suggested for gamers who are in love with war and strategy gaming and have stable psyche.

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