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Santa in the City 3D Christmas Game + Countdown

28-Nov-2011 by Miss Hello Kitty

Christmas is almost here and it is the best time for giving and getting presents. One of the best presents for iDevice owners may be the Apple iPad Christmas game called Santa in the City 3D Christmas Game + Countdown, which is suitable for different ages.

This is an amazing iPad game where you have to fly with Santa Claus through the city and help him gather letters from children in time for Christmas. Yes, Santa really needs your help! You will definitely like to fly the sleigh in wonderful real-time 3D.

Santa in the City 3D Christmas Game

Santa in the City is not just a simple Apple iPad Christmas game, as there is a real-time 3D display, clock and countdown to this big holiday. There are no more such cool games about Santa Claus as this one. Merry Christmas!

This Apple iPad Christmas game includes a great number of features, such as:

–          3 Various Game Modes. Free Flight allows you to explore by yourself, or it is possible to collect letters to Santa hidden throughout the city to see what children want for Christmas, or you may play against the clock! Find out how many letters you are able to collect just before your time runs out.

Santa in the City 3D

–          Countdown to Christmas Day. Look at the minutes tick away with the countdown mode while you watch Santa fly around the city. The countdown monitors not only minutes, but also seconds, hours and even days. Moreover, it keeps track of how many more sleeps until Christmas.

–          Fly the Sleigh. You can not only watch Santa fly through the city, but try to do it yourself. Touch the Ho! Ho! Ho! key in order to spread some happiness. And you should not worry, as the reindeer will make sure you do not crash!

Santa in the City 3D Christmas Game for ipad

Santa in the City comes with more than 40 Christmas melodies that will surely get you into the holiday spirit! The real-time 3D graphics are also cool!

In a word, this Apple iPad Christmas game is a good choice for holiday entertainment. It is available in the App Store just for $0.99.

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