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Skweek [Arcade for iPad]

04-Jul-2012 by Miss Hello Kitty

Skweek, created by Freshuu Inc., is a cool iPad arcade game where colors battle it out for the greatest power. Send Skweek on a dangerous adventure in order to turn this blue planet back into its favorite color of pink. The great thing is that you can download Skweek iPad arcade game totally free.

Skweek ipad arcade game

So, as you might guess, you control a fluffy little alien named Skweek. He lives on a beautiful pink planet, but bad invaders turned the planet blue. Your main task is to change the whole planet back to pink. Each time the cute fluffy alien walks across a tile, he turns the spot he crosses pink. In order to make him move, you should simply touch him and drag the finger to another location. Skweek can move up and down, left and right throughout the tiled course.

During this interesting iPad arcade game you will face with a lot of mean enemies that want to stop you from turning the planet back to pink. Fortunately, the fluffy little alien has firepower. To be able to shoot, simply tap a couple of squares away from Skweek in the direction you would like to aim. In case it doesn’t hit something on its way out, the bullets will ricochet off of an nearby wall and hit anything on the way back.

Skweek free arcade ipad game

In this free iPad game you earn gemstones for finishing levels which you can use later to buy power ups. Almost all gemstones are very expensive, which is where the developers of the game can make money. Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay real money on in-app purchases. You can play new Skweek arcade game just fine without feeling pressure to purchase gemstones.

When you use up your lives and the game ends, it is possible to resurrect Skweek by simply spending 300 gemstones. If you don’t resurrect him, you’ll have to start the game over from the beginning.

free ipad arcade game

The only disadvantage about this free iPad game is that it’s quite difficult to control where Skweek moves. You must almost put your finger on top of the character so as to get him to move around. In case you try to put your finger too far away, Skweek shoots instead.

Download Skweek .ipa for free!

Skweek is a fun and interesting iPad arcade game, where all you have to do is just to stay alive. Download Skweek arcade game for free in the App Store.

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