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Skype Video Calls for iPad Will Come True in 2011

03-Jan-2011 by Angela Topchu

This is great news for many iPad users. Skype video calls will soon be released for iPad users, as well as for iPhone and iPod touch owners. Happy 2011 to everyone once again! How will we be able to videocall our friends via Sky application for iPad?

This question has accompanied me for a while, since I love to talk with my friends and family via Skype that I use on my laptop. On its official, Skype website published a document that describes in details video calling features for Skype iPad application.

According to this document, video calls can be made by iPad, iPhone (3G, 3GS and 4) and iPod Touch (3G and 4G) users who use iOS 4.0 or later. Of course, your friends will see you only if your iDevice has a camera. And iPad 2 should have a camera, according to the rumors.


People who you are calling should use one of these Skype applications:

–          Skype application for Windows

–          Skype application for Mac OS X

–          Skype application for iPhone 3.0 and above

Also you can make video calls through Wi-Fi or 3G connections. The available network stipulation is the main factor that influences the way of video reproduction. The big plus is that you can use the front and back cameras while video calling your friends.

I mean that it will be easy for you to switch between them when you are video calling using Skype. Besides, in case you decide to turn your iDevice into landscape mode, the video should automatically revolve.

I have high hopes for the implementation of this Skype iPad application. Will the users appreciate such a great innovation on their iPads and other iDevices? The time will show. But I’m sure they will. So, the 2011 brings us the new way of communication with the help of our favorite gadgets.

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1 Comment on "Skype Video Calls for iPad Will Come True in 2011"

4 years 2 months ago

I just hope thatif the iPad 2 does hav video, that apple will make an accessory that brings those features to the original iPad. Because having. Device like this for less than one year then making it totally obsolete and not upgradable the features in the new version would be really lame.