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Sync the iPhoto Library with Google Drive or Dropbox [How to]

15-May-2012 by Rachel Green

All the iPad or iPhone users can say that Dropbox is one of the best iOS apps available in the App Store. This app is really helpful in file synchronization. It is also easy to install, shows history of actions as well as allows you to access to deleted files. But earlier this month Apple rejected apps with Dropbox integration. You can use this link to find out why Apple did it.

Along with iOS 5, Apple introduced the omnipresent Photo Stream and made syncing and photo sharing really easy between iOS devices and Macs. But nevertheless, the 1,000 photo limit is probably not enough for your photography needs. Luckily for us, iPhoto has added an option to share with additional cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Google Drive is a great app where you can create, share and just keep all the information. It doesn’t matter if you are planning your wedding or working with your friend on a joint research project, Google Drive can help you in everything. It allows you to upload and gain access to all your files, including photos, videos, PDFs, Google Docs and even more.

Sync the iPhoto Library

How to Sync iPhoto Library with Google Drive and Dropbox:

Syncing your iPhoto library with other cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive is incredibly easy. All you need is to install Dropbox or Google Drive and existing iPhoto library.

1. Copy Your Library

In order to sync your iPhoto library between the Mac with either service, you will have to locate the file for the iPhoto library in your Pictures folder. Then you have to copy the iPhoto Library file and after that paste it in the Google Drive or Dropbox folder in your user’s folder. Ensure that you don’t move the file -we are copying it in order to have an original backup if something goes wrong.

Next, you should wait till all your files copy over. This may take some time, so you can go and make a cup of coffee.

Then, you will want to paste in the copied iPhoto library file to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder found in your user’s folder in the Finder. This can be done by simply pressing Command + V when inside the Google Drive or Dropbox folder. If your iPhoto library is larger, this copy process will take a couple of minutes.

2. Open your Library in iPhoto

Right after syncing, hold down the Option key to open the file in iPhoto. Select the other library that isn’t the default to make it so. At this point, the iPhoto Library saved inside your Google Drive or Dropbox folders will be the default, and just about any changes you make will automatically synchronize into the cloud with every save.

In case you decide to remove either Google Drive or Dropbox, it’s possible to switch back to your old iPhoto library by simply reversing the process.

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