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Tablet Market to Hit 2 Billion Dollars by 2012

31-May-2010 by Angela Topchu

Apple iPad has hit the UK markets last Friday, and the unwritten success Apple claims, following the market performance in the USA, is left to be seen. But there is no doubt that the initial welcome is no less rampant in Europe than in the Americas.


The prediction from market analysts goes like this. The tablet market is going to have a spring in its step because of the boom caused by Apple iPad. The tablet market is likely to hit the $2 billion mark before the end of the next two years, according to some researchers.

Paul Lee, a researcher from Deloittle, says that tablet computers are going to be the biggest hit of this year. He is of the opinion that because of its balanced looks and perfect style they offer a very versatile alternative to most users. The new improvements in the form of touch screen technology will only boast the market.

Power management and storage capabilities have been the compelling reasons for the scorching sales of iPads. Across the United Kingdom the Apple stores are facing unprecedented crowd as gadget buffs throng the stores to get the first feel of this all new device. Lee also says that the advent of iPads and tablet technology could negatively impact certain other businesses.

He sees the potential of the tablet computers in household activities ranging from email checking to bed time stories! The business word also has nothing to lose out as the device provides the ultimate communication mode for field workers who seldom stay in the office!

He also believes a company like Apple has more to gain from this boom since they have a well established application support. He says that companies which can provide the better app support will stand to derive advantage from this new market!!

In the near future we can expect video conferencing to be enabled in tablet computers. Cushion computers are taking a new form.


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