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The Tiny Bang Story HD Puzzle Game for iPad

14-Feb-2012 by Miss Hello Kitty

The Tiny Bang Story HD, designed  by Colibri Games, is another fantastic puzzle game for iPad. In the game, a meteor hit the poor Tiny Planet, causing the world to fall apart. Your task is to solve interesting puzzles and fix machines and systems to restore order to Tiny Planet.

As the planet was drawn totally by hand, the artwork in this amazing puzzle game for iPad is bright, colorful, and best of all, definitely stunning. The Tiny Bang Story HD is worth buying for the graphics alone, but in addition you’ll find that the gameplay is immersive and engrossing, because of a number of quite difficult puzzles.

The Tiny Bang Story HD ipad

The Tiny Bang Story HD contains no words and just few instructions, but the puzzles are intuitive. You’ll be provided with images of things that you have to find in order to fix broken items, which is an important part of progressing through the game.

As an example, in the first level, you will see a broken ladder, which means you have to find all of the rungs in order to put back in place, and after that there is a closed hatch which needs a wrench and a box that requires a key – all things that you should find hidden in the scene.

The Tiny Bang Story HD for ipad

You might think it is quite easy, but the items are cleverly hidden, and it takes you some time to find them. You won’t notice any textual hints, however, you can always collect little dragonflies in order to fill up a hint meter. If it is full, one of them will fly above and show you a thing that you have been missing.

The controls in The Tiny Bang Story HD are very simple, and consist mostly of tapping items to explore and often pulling completed items from the sidebar into the room, making this puzzle game for iPad suitable for all skill levels.

The Tiny Bang Story HD puzzle ipad game

Puzzles are not extremely challenging, but they’re also difficult enough that you’ll spend some time trying to figure things out. It is not always clear just what the next step is, which means you will need to explore carefully – remember that before buying this puzzle game for iPad.

In a word, The Tiny Bang Story HD is a cool puzzle game for iPad with beautiful artwork and simple controls that will definitely keep entertained for hours. The game is available in the app Store for $2.99.

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