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Useful Tips to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone 5

02-Oct-2012 by Nicole Young

All the iPhone 5 users know that having such expensive device sometimes cause problems. In this useful post we tells you how to find lost or stolen iPhone 5.

It is possible to do something right now to help you fast recover your smart device if you were ever to lose it or somebody makes off with it. To start with, register a passcode for the iPhone. It may be bothersome but it will also help your ways of recovering your cellphone. And be sure “location services” is switched on. You can find that in “Settings,” and then on top of “Privacy.”


Apple provides you with free service known as “Find My iPhone” that you need to set up immediately so that when the horrible event happens you will know how to find lost iPhone 5.

To install it, check out “Settings” and right down to the “iCloud” tab. Go right down and search for the green-colored radar icon which says something like “Find My iPhone” and make certain it’s switched on.

After that visit and register with similar Apple ID you utilize on your iPhone 5. Also read these tips on how to protect Apple ID. When you sign in, you will see the same radar icon for “Find My iPhone.” Click on it. It will get you to one more page that’ll demonstrate where your iPhone and some other Apple gadgets you have on a Google 3D maps. Great solution, isn’t it? Next at the top left, select “Devices” and choose your iPhone. That will zoom you in more detailed location and open a box which demonstrates how recently it was monitored and how much battery it has left.

For all who lost their iPhone there is a “Lost Mode.” It will let you remotely lock the iDevice and let you generate a passcode, keeping would-be robbers from using it. Inside the Lost Mode, it’ll also request a callback number and will allow you to send an information to the gadget such as “This iPhone has been lost. Please call me.”

If you already know how to find lost iPhone 5 but think it may be in the burglars hands, feel free to call police.

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3 years 10 months ago

My name is Ramesh,how to find when iphone5 is in switched off?