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There Are Three Apple Devices That You Which Are Unknown For Us

17-Aug-2012 by GeorgeK

Ask a person who is unfamiliar with the unknown Apple products, which devices does he know? For sure, you will hear iPhone, MacBook and iMac. People familiar with Apple products, know much more and remember the varieties of MacBook, Air, Pro, Apple TV and Wireless AirPort, also they immediately will describe all the differences between iPod nano from the other Apple players. Also you can remember that I have already wrote you about future Apple products. However, there are things that are made by Cupertino company and which are unknown to many. About three products we will talk here.

All three Apple items are interested to the company, at least rumors of this walk very persistent and continually confirmed by analysts of different calibers. However, the company’s interest in these appliances is embodied in all iDevices and other bitten technique. So, first one of unknown Apple products is:

Apple QuickTake

Apple was one of the first companies to offer their customers digital cameras. It is only the latest in a series of camera, QuickTake 200 (the one shown above) took shape familiar to us today digital “Soap”. By the way, the design of the 200-ki was completely “lick” with the same camera, which was manufactured by Fuji.

unknown Apple products

Apple camera equipped with a sensor, resolution of which is 0.3 megapixels capture, and built-in memory enough to store eight shots. Although users were not very clear what to do with these pictures, because as soon as the 150th model of the series could work with computers running Windows. Returning back to Apple in 1997, Steve Jobs decided it was time to end this disgrace and completely closed the line of digital Apple cameras.

Another unknown Apple product is a game console.

Apple Bandai Pippin

In 1995, this clumsy box with a 4-speed CD-ROM was presented to the world as a gaming console. With a very weak at that time, “filling”, the game console from Apple could not be a worthy competitor to any Nintendo 64 or the other aforementioned game platforms.

unknown Apple devices

Inside the “Pippin” was the processor 66 MHz PowerPC 603e, and the console functioned in the manner of the first-generation Apple TV, a specially trimmed version of Mac OS. Unfortunately, the console has not been produced, perhaps because Apple involves the sale of licenses for production of Pippin and has not paid sufficient attention to the development of the platform. Maybe this was really not much of a console device.

Macintosh TV

We have all heard that Apple is dreaming to establish its own TV. The press is probably have already had called the real product as iTV. So, it appears that Apple has attempted to give the buyer the ability to watch TV using iDevices – greet Macintosh TV.

unknown Apple items

At its core Macintosh TV was a Performa 520 computer, with only one feature – a built-in CRT monitor of Sony production and it could switch over to broadcast a television signal. By the way, this was the first Mac, released in black. Included were at least black keyboard and mouse.


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