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Update Your iPad with a Compatible Webcam

08-Jun-2010 by Angela Topchu

The Apple iPad surely has many amazing applications and games but it also miss some important gears like webcam that is available in most of the Laptop & Netbook and is basically an important device for everyday use. The custom USB Port of iPad can easily be used to attach a camera but it will hardly work as a webcam will fully fledged features like an integrated webcam for any Notebook.

For this reason exactly an iPad compatible is on its way to come into market for the users to buy. The main feature of this webcam is claimed to be usable in all instant messengers like Skype or Yahoo for video chatting or two faced video calling. The webcam is called PhotoFast that use the technology of Microsoft Webcam with custom application for iPad that upon installing will behave as an integrated camera.

The PhotoFast is a 2 MP camera that has the ability to take 640 x 480 pixels video capture in high frame rate and 4096 x 3072 pixel quality HD image. The specifications are decent and better than most of the integrated webcams available in current laptops but the image quality can only be checked after it comes into market.

Custom software will be available with the camera for photo editing and basic video modifying apart from the basic applications of recording, zooming or changing the brightness and clarity. The demo which was showcased was done by a prototype of the camera which looked a little bigger considering the size of the iPad but later declared that the webcam is still under development and the final unit will be much smaller than that was displayed.

PhotoFast Webcam

PhotoFast Webcam for iPad

Considering the number of applications that can take advantage of the webcam, the possibility of good sales revenue from this camera is bright, and the rate in which iPads are being sold, most of the users will love the luxury of having a handy integrated webcam into their iPad, thus predicted. The Skype application, which is vastly popular for voice calling in non-mobile devices like iPod Touch and iPad can use the camera as a two way live video chatting instrument if the camera performs well in the instant messenger as claimed.

But considering the data usage plan of USA and UK where users have to think twice before video calling as it will eat up data very quickly and now AT & T has abolished the only available unlimited data usage Plan for iPad, is a hard struggle for the webcam to be used in video calling or video chatting as those facilities are much heavier in terms of data usage comparing to the voice calling or chatting.

However, the PhotoFast is a decent addition to the iPad feature that has good possibility of being popular as no webcam gave the facility to be integrated with Instant Messengers before in the Apple iPad.


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3 years 7 months ago

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Where/when can you purchase a photofast webcam for ipad?

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