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Walmart Offers Cheap Straight Talk iPhone 5 Plan to U.S. Customers

09-Jan-2013 by aligorelova

No contracts for iPhone 5 if you live in the U.S. According to the latest news, Walmart starts to offer the popular iOS smartphone with Straight Talk iPhone 5 plan. Of course, people who live in the U.S. were able to purchase the new sixth-gen iPhone 5 at Walmart since September 2012. However, this gadget was only sold with a 2-year contract.

Finally, the store has decided to let consumers save money and use the latest handset by Apple. As Seong Ohm [Walmart’s senior vice president of Entertainment] mentioned this week, all customers would soon be able to buy a contract-free iPhone 5 with unlimited data, talk and text.

Straight Talk iPhone 5 Plan

Great Deal

The no-contract Straight Talk Wireless data plan for Apple iOS smartphone is to be offered for $45 a month starting the day after tomorrow. If you wish to get your hands on a contract-free iPhone 5, you better go to Walmart this Friday and get your prepaid device. The same deal is also offered for iPhone 4 customers.

The company promises to have iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 without contract in its 2,000 + stores across the U.S. and at the official website.

Walmart iPhone 5 Pricing

How much will you have to pay for Straight Talk iPhone 5 plan? Walmart should sell the iPhone 5 16GB model for $649 and the iPhone 4 8GB unit for $449. As for Straight Talk, its iPhone 5 no contract plan will be available for $45 a month. You will get unlimited data, text and talk for this fee.

Another proposition from the well-known store includes offer to users with low income. They will be able to get their iOS handset over time paying $25 a month.

What do you think about Straight Talk iPhone 5 plan worth $45 per month? Do you agree that anyone who lives in the U.S. should have an opportunity to afford the expensive Apple products? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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