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Weekly Top Free iPad Apps That Are Useful

29-Sep-2010 by aligorelova

Personally I can’t imagine my life without several things: internet, food, ability to control my home, music and news. That’s why this week we decided to select best iPad applications that would cover all these basic needs of mine.

I hope that you also like to cook new meals, search the internet for useful information, read news and control everything that surrounds you. Add iPad to this, and you will get these free apps that can make your life a lot easier and way more comfortable.


1. Free Wi-Fi Finder: this application is perfect for users who travel a lot. It allows you finding Wi-Fi connection anywhere you go. So far this app covers 140 countries and over 300,000 locations.


2. The New Yorker Magazine: read news, stories, comments, fiction and poetry with weekly issue of the New Yorker magazine. You get everything in the print edition, but you have to buy every new issue published. This free iPad application just allows you seeing every week’s table of contents in order to choose what is interesting to you personally. If you purchase an issue, you can store it on the application for as long as you wish.


3. VLC Media Player: A universal free multimedia player that reads most video files. If your movie format is not recognized by it, you can rename it to .avi and wait until developers released an updated version that will also support iOS 4.2.


4. Remote: This is a great application which allows you controlling iTunes and Apple TV via your iPad. You can listen to music, choose playlists, adjust the volume, rewind and forward from anywhere in your home. It’s pretty cool.


5. Gourmet Live: This is a great free application for people who like to cook and share their passion with friends. You get many classic recipes, slideshows and you can connect to social network and express your ideas with other people who enjoy cooking. Get many useful recipes for holidays, traveling, etc.


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