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Where to Buy iPad Online: Order All Models for Christmas

15-Oct-2010 by aligorelova

It has finally happened. You can now buy iPad online in Walmart. And hopefully before Christmas 2010 many other stores (AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy, Target, and Sam’s Club) will also have enough iPad devices available for Christmas shoppers.


It’s true that all iPad models (iPad 3G, iPad with Wi-Fi) are now available on Walmart online. Sadly this device is not sold in regular stores. At the same time there is good news as well. You get free shipping when you buy iPad online.

How to Buy iPad Online?

If you want to purchase iPad online, you can go to and get free shipping with Site to Store. Walmart online shop has all models for you to choose from. The prices are pretty much the same as on Apple site. Besides, once you order your iPad online, you will have it shipped to the closest store to you.

Hopefully the mark not sold in stores will disappear, and soon all iPads will be sold in regular stores as well as online.

iPad Price on Walmart Online

It’s great that your iPad will cost you the same price as in the Apple Store. You won’t save your money, but you won’t pay more, and this is great.

October prices for all iPad models on Walmart are as follows:

  • iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB $499
  • iPad Wi-Fi 32 GB  $599
  • iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB  $699
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB  $629
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB  $729
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 64 GB  $829

Christmas Discounts

Maybe, once different stores including AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy, Target, and Sam’s Club will start selling the iPad, we’ll be able to see nice deals and Christmas discounts.

Sam’s Club has already promised to carry the iPad in the future. The Apple tablet should be also sold in other third-party retailers rather than only on Best Buy and Amazon. This in-store expansion will surely coincide with the upcoming holidays. Christmas shopping season is almost here, and iPad just has enough time left to jump on a Holiday Express in time.

It’s not a secret that the iPad is a device for everyone. I just wonder what the discounts will be when Christmas arrives. Maybe we’ll be able to buy iPad online for less than $500. So far Wal-Mart offers the iPad at a full retail price.

Sam’s Club might run in-store iPad demos as soon as it gets this device. Maybe Sears and Radio Shack will also get the iPad begs. There are a lot of small towns in the USA where people would like to shop for iPad in Sears for Christmas. Thus, it might appear in their catalog as well, right?

The holiday shopping season gets hotter with every other day. And Apple simply can’t miss this opportunity to sell more of its iPads online and in retailer stores. It’s just a matter of time when we’ll see nice Christmas discounts and cheap prices for this tablet.

Compare prices on iPad in different stores

Apple Store:

  • iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB $499
  • iPad Wi-Fi 32 GB $599
  • iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB $699
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB  $629
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB  $729
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 64 GB $829


  • iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB  $499.99
  • iPad Wi-Fi 32 GB  $599.99
  • iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB  $699.99
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB  $629.99
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB  $729.99
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 64 GB  $829.99


  • iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB  new $604.9 (used from $500)
  • iPad Wi-Fi 32 GB  new $718.99 (used from $580)
  • iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB  new $800 (used from $669.99)
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB  not available
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB not available
  • iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 64 GB new $969.99 (used from $825)

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