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Zon80 Hacked Google Play To Make Free In App Purchase For Android

17-Dec-2012 by GeorgeK

Russian hackers Zond80 and Madkite able to intervene in the Google Play store, which sells applications for Android. December 21, they promise to release a program called Freedom, by which the owners of Android devices will be free to download paid applications and extensions to run the game without an internet connection. They will hack Google Play in app purchases.

Update: Now is December 21 and you can try Freedom app to hack Google Play in-app purchase.

Zond80 is a 21-year-old Russian citizen, Alexey Borodin, gained worldwide fame for hacking App Store and Mac App Store, which allowed users of the iPhone and iPad to make free in-app purchases and open additional functionality in the programs.

google play in app purchase hack

Borodin has created emulator of Appe server, the path to which you need to register in the device settings, and then for the proof of purchase within the application gadgets are beginning to turn to his server every few minutes. To hack Google Play, Russian hacker sold his iPhone 4S and bought Samsung Galaxy S 3 device to make testing.

Another hacker knows as Madkite helps zond80 in it, who prefers not to disclose his real name. During his time crackers have faced a number of problems, but the main difficulty was in two servers that Google use to communicate with the device: Push and Market.

To make Google Play in app purchase hack working hackers dispensed emulator – it was decided to create an application called Freedom and publish it on the birthday of Borodin, December 21, in the blog. So, if you think that it will be a parade of planets and Apocalypse 2012 don’t believe it because it will be the end of paid apps on Google Play.

According to the author, in order to take advantage of a free in-app purchases for Android you will need to download a Freedom and make purchases through it. In addition, users of Android apps has a new feature that has not been implemented in the emulator for Apple: checking licenses without access to the web.

“I hate that the device must be connected to the Internet every time you start a game, – complains Borodin. – That is why we have included more and checking licenses without an internet connection. Now no need to connect to the Internet to check the license game, if it uses a check through Google Play ”

According to Borodin, currently Google Play in app purchase hack almost ready to launch, it is on the final stage of testing. For this phase, developers earn 15 testers.

Stay tuned with us for more news about that.

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