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Disadvantages of Delaying Provision of Mother’s Milk Supplementary Food

Some mothers and parents delay the provision of Mother’s Milk Companion Food until the age of the baby is more than 6 months on the grounds that the baby avoid the risk of suffering from food allergies and provide immunity to the baby for longer. In fact, a review of a study concluded that delaying the provision of Mother’s Milk Companion until the age of a baby past 6 months does not provide significant protection.

The following are the dangers or disadvantages of delaying the provision of Mother’s Milk Supplementary Food.

1. Baby’s energy needs are not met.
If the baby’s energy needs are not met, the baby will stop growing or grow not optimally, even if left unchecked, the baby can suffer from failure to thrive. Increase the quantity of complementary food for breast milk as you get older
2. Babies are at risk of iron deficiency and suffer from ADB.
3. The need for macronutrients and other micronutrients is not fulfilled resulting in babies / children at risk of suffering from malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies.
4. The development of baby’s oral motor function can be hampered.
5. Babies have the potential to reject various types of food and find it difficult to accept new foods later on

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