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    Myth or Fact, Soft Drinks Cause Pregnancy Disorder

    Soft drinks causes pregnancy disorders Soft drinks are not good for health, especially if consumed by pregnant women. Carbonated drinks are drinks with high calorie content but do not have nutritional content. Besides soft drinks can stimulate the stomach for people with magh, especially if taken on an empty stomach. Drinking Pregnant Milk Causes Big Babies The cause of a large baby is not absolute based on what is consumed by the mother. Hereditary factors and their innate role. Precisely by drinking pregnant milk is good because many contain vitamins and minerals that are needed specifically for the pregnant woman. Especially for pregnant women who have insufficient nutrition. If you…

  • Myth or Fact?

    Myth or Fact? Babies need to defecate once a day

    Statement:Babies need to defecate once a day Fact:If the baby has not defecated all day, many parents assume that their baby has constipation, but not. The baby’s digestive tract does experience movement every day, but sometimes newborn can defecate every 3-4 days, and this lasts for 2-3 months. If the movements in the digestive tract are very hard and irregular, or you see blood in the diaper, call your doctor immediately

  • Myth or Fact?

    Myth or Fact? Reflexology Is Not Safe for Babies

    Statement: Reflexology Is Not Safe for Babies, in fact, this myth is not true. On the contrary, reflexology can stimulate the nerves of babies who are still sensitive. Consciously, we have to admit that if the baby experiences pain in his body, he can only explain it with crying. We never know with certainty what made her cry.Well, reflexology with light pressure (adjusted) is able to free the pain suffered by the baby, and in general, babies also enjoy and benefit from the reflexology

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    How to lose weight safely and healthily

    How to lose weight safely and healthily that you must apply in order to get the ideal body weight. Everyone has a dream to have a healthy body in good proportion. Everyone tries to do various ways to get it, one of them with a diet. Watch Your Diet Well The most effective way to lose weight is a regular diet. Namely by consuming lots of high fiber foods such as peas, avocados, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, pears, corn, and brown rice. In addition, you are also advised to consume lots of water. Reduce or even avoid fried foods. Fried foods contain fat which will be difficult for the body to…

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    Varicocele Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

    Varicocele appears like a varicose attack in the legs. However, the difference is that varicoceles are identified as swelling that occurs in parts of the veins and focuses more on the scrot*m area. Viewed from the area of ​​the disease, varicocele patients are male. Even so, the case of this disease is more dominated at the age of 15 to 25 years. Swelling that occurs in veins is also known to grow gradually until it turns into a soft lump. The size also varies but usually to detect lumps must be felt by the area of ​​pain. Did you know varicocele disease can cause a man to experience infertility. This…