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Bad Habits Affecting Children’s Teeth Arrangement

Children’s health, especially dental health, is of particular concern for parents. Many factors affect the alignment of a child’s teeth. Such as genetic factors: if the father has a large size of the jaw and teeth, while the size of the jaw and teeth of the mother is small, then there is a possibility that the child has a less neat arrangement of the child’s teeth. There are also environmental factors by looking at food, eating and drinking, teeth that fall out before the time, and including bad habits that children do every day.

The bad habits of the child also influence the arrangement of the teeth of the child. These include;

  • sucking thumbs or fingers,
  • sucking or biting your lips,
  • sticking out your tongue,
  • breathing through your mouth and sharpening your teeth while you sleep or when you are not aware.

 Generally, these bad habits are done by children because they feel anxious, lonely, or feel rejected.

Impact of Bad Habits for Children’s Teeth Arrangement According to Pediatric Dentists. 

Bad Habits Affecting Children's Teeth Arrangement
  • Thumb-sucking, causing the upper jaw to become underdeveloped, the upper front teeth pushed by the fingers forward (tongues).
  • Sticking out the tongue can cause the upper and lower front teeth to push forward, the bite open.
  • Breathing through the mouth causes the head to lengthen, the maxillary tooth arch is narrow, the palate is deep, the cheek muscles’ pressure is imbalanced, the upper and lower lips cannot close completely. This makes it difficult to swallow food, gingivitis, bad breath, and susceptible to cavities due to the oral cavity’s dryness.
  • Sharpening teeth while sleeping causes teeth to wear out and become shorter. Severe wear and tear on the teeth’ nerves will cause sensitive teeth or throbbing pain, broken teeth, loose teeth, and jaw joint abnormalities.

Bad habits in these children can cause the child to lack self-confidence, injured fingers, and lips. Children can also experience poisoning or gastrointestinal infections. It can also cause children to become lethargic because less oxygen is received by the lungs when breathing through the mouth.

To prevent bad habits in children, parents can find out the causes of these habits. Parents need to motivate and remind children, give awards in the form of praise or gifts, and bring the child to consult with doctors such as dentists or psychologists regarding their bad habits.


How to Prevent Bad Habits For Children’s Teeth Arrangement?

To prevent bad habits in children, dentists will generally install tools to prevent bad habits in children, such as:

  • To install a lip bumper, Hawley’s retainer, tongue crib in the oral cavity to prevent the tongue and fingers from pressing on the teeth.
  • Put on an oral screen to prevent the child from breathing through the mouth.
  • Install a nightguard to prevent teeth grinding while sleeping.
  • To train Myofunctional exercises/muscle function of the lips and facial area..
  • To repair clogged tooth fillings, treating sore teeth.
  • The thumb or finger is covered with a protector or bitter but made from harmless material.
  • To repair clogged tooth fillings, treating sore teeth.

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